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Who we are?

Go10x Venture’s primary objective is to support entrepreneurs with big ideas through the reality of early-stage growth.

Go10x will do this via a 6–9 month venture builder programme, which aims to offer pre-seed investment (circa £100k), mentorship and hands-on support to entrepreneurs which then translates into higher success rates for start-ups that are part of the program.

The programme attains success through validating concepts, developing bespoke technologies, streamlining operations and facilitating investment.

Our experienced team, work as an extension of the founding team, and will facilitate this success by making sure our founders are surrounded by an A-Team from day one of the programmes. We are a team of entrepreneurs and early-stage investors with relevant industry experience and passion for good business done well.

It is also important to note that Go10x ensures that the scope of the venture builder programme and deal terms are catered specifically to each start-up in question.

The venture builder will be hosted in our offices in our Kings Cross headquarters.

What we are looking for

The application process at Go10x aims to assess the viability of your idea as much as your ability to deliver it.

We are looking for founder fit shown by the confidence to assert opinions as well as humility to consider others. We are keen to work with founders who show grit and determination to make their concept into a business.

At Go10x we like to speak to founders from a wide range of backgrounds, sectors and geographies. We like to work with companies from ideation stage, all the way to first revenues. We also like to work with founders that are category creators, tackling large problems and are uniquely positioned to do so.

Examples of what we have invested in the past

This will be our fourth Go10x cohort, having built up to a portfolio of 7 companies since our inception in July 2020.

Our previous investments include:

Introu: Provides freelancers with free co-working space in exchange for meeting businesses looking for their help

BrandYour: Online platform for easy-to-order, high quality, custom-branded food packaging

How people can get involved in the next cohort if they want to

If you are interested in participating in the Go10x venture builder programme, you can apply to the 2021 Autumn cohort using the link here (applications close in late September).

If successful in this initial screening, you will be contacted to progress to the next stage of cohort selection.

We look forward to meeting you! :)



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